My first blog with octopress

This is my first blog with no backend,database. I’ve been thinking about setting up blog for ages.Finally i’ve done :). But i would prefer to call my blog as Note. Cause it can be my small, random thoughts. I want to monitored about what i’ve done. Sometime I forgot most of things what i’ve done… may be.. i can check it here first.

Setting up octopress without knowing about git is hard for me. Even the official blog of octopress do not include complete step. I know they skip some steps assume you have knowledge in git. That blog hlep me alot in setting up. You can look for detail in that blog.

To install in window, read this post.

Summary for setting up octopress,

  • clone octopress
  • make sure you had installed ruby
  • install gem
  • install bundle
  • rake install
  • add remote url for your repository
  • rename branch from master to source
  • rake deploy
  • commit your changes
  • Note : you can look preview in your local (assume you have localhost setup)
    rake preview

    For Setting up for your custom domain, you need to put CNAME file to source folder. Open your CNAME and add your domain name.