Using 500px api with colorbox & php

Repost from my previous blog

Last night i try to built the gallery using the 500px API.

I’ve search around in google to see any demo related with this. But there are only showcases and it’s not too convenient to use in small sites like personal profolio, blogs.

So, I made the snippets for this.You can see the demo here.And Photos credit goes to My fri @yemaw :).


  • I want to make the gallery with the popup navigation, cos i always don’t like navigating away from page — kind of curious ;) —
  • And as far as i know for popup jquery plugin for photos, colorbox is better. Then i chose to use it.You can see the different kind of usage for colorbox there.
  • For manipulating the 500px api, i use the php.
  • You can always use it with other language. Go and check at .

First you need to get the consumer key to use the API. You can get your consumer key at your 500px profile settings in application tab.

If you wanna show your 500px photos in your blog in some case , hope this snippets will help you.You can download the code here.

Now also start working this for drupal module, you can check my drupal module here.It’s still in sandbox state.

I was trying…. to finish…. that thing.