Random Notes


Sometime shit happen in life ( actually always ). Last week, i broke my hand and i need to rest for about one month. First, i feel like resting is boring. Yes it is, in first two or three days it’s so boring i just stop all the routine that i usually do. No work, No schedule, I keep browsing on internet and watching movie everday.

After one week, it’s totally relax and i noticed that everything is just perception. Living as simple is really nice.

Now i had more time to look up the sky, moving clouds, to stay away from every things.
Feel like more creative.
Reading blogs.
Sit at the coffe shop for hours.
Trying to be more minimalist.

Blind Spot

I read some article about blind spot. They explained the blind spot in example like that

Imagine if all guys started smoking at age 10 and there were no groups that didn’t, we would think that lung cancer is normal for all guys.

If so, the ageing, the death could be also the blind spot. May be we all are doing the bad things from beginning and that’s the result of it.

Thing i don’t believe

  • Bones are healed by its own.