Have you ever heard about the word “Minimalist”. In short term, it means simpler. May be you had heard about minmalist theme / design if you are from web industry.

Just imagine a life with the things you don’t need. For me, i feel like it’s totally messed up.

The question is…

  • Do we need all of this ?

  • Why do we keep things even if we don’t need or use them?

Because we’re afraid we might. Afraid of what could happen if we get rid of those things.

To live,

We just need the some basic things.

But for most people, they think having the expensive clothes, cars and lastest technology devices are happiness. It’s too materaialism.

I didn’t try to fit into that life style. Till now, my life is living like that.

  • don’t have any extra things that i don’t need.

  • used to donate or throw away the things i don’t use anymore.

  • all my things can pack into one suit case. It’s always easy to move anywhere.

There are lots of people talking about minimalism, how good it’s is and how it’s peaceful. But, it’s just the reflection of ourselves.


“Smile, breath and go slowly” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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