Lately, was thinking about Programs.

Comparing with the real life and feel like we can’t escape from Programs after birth to till death. Everytime we are dealing with Programs. Let’s say it can be your first program when your parents said it’s red color. ( i still don’t know what is red and will keep say that word. )

Non stop programmed at school. The sad part, but true. ( they called it knowledge. )


Just some programs most of us had.

  • Universal Truths
  • Religion
  • Moral (concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour)
  • Beauty (thanks God, they still said it’s in the eye of beholder)
  • Limited thought.

We are behaving like the robots as we are programmed. If some people are breaking that kind of things, we think like that they are crazy, they are malfunctioned. Cos they are different, they are not like us.

Each program has the side effect. Right now the religious wars are the worst. If it’s current things are lead to the worse, i guess we need to think about brain washing like in the movies.

I saw some movies about prediction of re programming the people mind. Some movies list if you haven’t watch.

The last thought is…

How can i so sure what’s right and wrong as i am programmed.