Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Drawing on the Right Side of Brain

Last few days, i just started drawing again. Cos, drawing is always a dream for me. One of my freind share me a book about the theory of drawing.

After reading some chapters, i just regained my confidence.

I always wonder what’s inside the artist brain. It’s just like a mystery.

“How could they draw like that ?”
“Is it a gift ?”

In that book,

  • It explaind about why normal people cannot draw.
  • The existence of left side and right side of brain.
  • A basic strategy for accessing R-mode ( right side of brain )
  • Experiencing the shift from left to right
  • The Zen of drawing

If you are interested in drawing, you can check the book here.

“Drawing is not a gift, you can train”

Happy Weekend ^_^