If you are using the socail media, you may have seen that words #hashtags. It’s the type of label using in fun ways to group the content.

It’s only useful when your social platforms support to find that kind of hashtags or group them together. Nowadays, a lot of people using it for marketing purposes in social media.

Benefits of using hashtags in my opinion:

  • easy to group the contents together.

  • easy to find the person who have similar personality as you.
    Eg: #sketch101 . I can find a lot of people they just started learning how to draw.

  • easy to find when you want to see only specific contents.
    Eg: #perth2015 #triptobhutan. All posts related with these hashtags will shown to you.

Example of using hashtag:

#facebookdown – it’s related with facebook website is not avaialble at the moment.


Currently, twitter even support for live event hashtags.

More details :